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Capricorn Travel LLC

Company Message

About Us

Capricorn Travel,LLC. is a unique agency designed to make travel affordable for everyone. We provide complete localized travel service tailored to the needs of individuals. Our qualified agents offer advice on destinations and make arrangements for transportation and hotel accommodations.Group trips, sporting events,family travel, leisure weekend trips, and business or personal travel.

The uniqueness of our agency is that, it allows you the opportunity to travel to your desired destination although you may be unable to make full payment at the time of securing travel arrangements. We have packages that allow for scheduled payments toward your vacation. The terms of this agreement are simple.

How We Work

If an individual is unable to pay the full cost for his or her travel plans, Capricorn Travel,LLC. will purchase airline ticket(s) and pay for hotel accommodations. These purchases can be made together or separately as requested by person or persons making the travel arrangements. All that is required is a down payment on the package price. There are no credit checks and travel insurance is determined by the wholesaler.

Capricorn Travel,LLC. will then:

  • Purchase air line ticket(s); pay for hotel accommodations together or separately and issue as requested;

  • Issue confirmation number immediately; and

  • E-mail travel itinerary;

An electronic airline ticket will be issued to you at the time of check in at the airline counter.

Capricorn Travel,LLC. reserves the right to cancel all flights and hotel accommodations. If paymment is not made in full by travel date.